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Refund Policy

At Assignmentglory.co.uk, we aim to minimise the refund disputes as much as possible. Following are the typical circumstances in which full or partial refund may take place. We recommend our customers read the refund policy before filing any refund dispute.

Paid Double Erroneously

If you have paid double the amount for a single service, we are obliged to complete reverse and refund the transaction without any deductions whatsoever.

Refund Timeline

The users have 7 days to file refund if they are not satisfied with the service or have not received the service ordered. EssayArsenal.co.uk will either negotiate with the customer to make for the non-compliance of the order or refund the full amount if the customer did not receive the work.

Dispute Resolution and Contact

We expect the customers to contact us before filing a chargeback or refund with their credit card service provider. We will look into the dispute and try to come to terms with the disputing client. In case of no mutual agreement, the customer will have right to settle the issue through their credit card company.

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